Fashion? Who needs it.

Having got bored and flicked across the channels on the telly I ended up laughing at Fashion TV again.

The more I see of this the more I see that no woman would ever wear anything on the cat walks in the street. After all, how many women would dare to go shopping wearing a translucent top and translucent skirt with no underwear? Or even just a translucent top in the same way. That’s what the fashion designers seem to think it the only thing women women will be wearing next summer.. literally! Surprisingly, it’s not only the male designers sending the models out in the revealing clothing with nought beneath.

The fashion industry has totally lost touch with reality and the rest of the population

It you’re reading this and are of the female gender, it would be interesting to hear your views on the matter.

2 thoughts on “Fashion? Who needs it.

  1. fashion

    I have heard it said that the poing of fashion shows is to shock with radicalism and extremes, the better to court controversy and bolster your company’s name…

    Then money is made from the stuff that people are *really* going to buy/wear, which is much more mundane…

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