Christmas 07: Christmas Eve, Day, Boxing Day and Thursday

Nothing to see here, move along…

Well, let’s see what I did. Played with my Dad on the Wii, ate watched telly and wished that the weather would be nicer after Chrstmas Day.

That’s it, really.

4 thoughts on “Christmas 07: Christmas Eve, Day, Boxing Day and Thursday

  1. Hehe..

    Get one, get one, get one! (Once the prices have come down again. Also get a second Wii-mote.)

    You, Em and the girls will have great fun playing Wii Sports. You’d probably also enjoy the latest Zelda games.

  2. Re: Fun for the family

    Hmm.. Do you actually need a bigger telly in the near future? The reason I ask is that TV technology is in a period of transition and it’d probably be test to wait a couple of years if you can.

    As for the Wii, I’d wait a couple of months at the very least anyway as the prices are rather inflated at the moment (by about £50) because of the scarcity.

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