Back to where I was…

Last Monday and Tuesday I worked hard on a program to back-up users inboxes on the new mail server I’m building. I got it all working, debugged, documented etc. and then tried to put it into the RCS revision control system…. where it promptly chewed it up and deleted it.

So, after nearly a week (with a few days interruption due to other work) I’ve now managed to re-write the flippin thing and managed to get RCS to swallow it and not delete it. So, I’m basically back where I was 6 days ago.

On other fronts, I realised this morning, “Damn! I forgot Christopher’s birthday last Monday!” So, RAC, could you pass on my best wishes and sincere grovelling to Christopher for being so disorganised. I’ll make it up, promise!

This weekend my Mum and Dad came to visit. They were to turn up on Thursday, but due to the snow it was postponed until Friday. It’s very difficult these days to do anything with my Mum’s current mental state so we basically stayed inside for most of the weekend. Even with both of us (my Dad and me) it was very exhausting keeping an eye on my Mum and keeping her out of trouble. I don’t see how he manages to cope on his own, to be honest.

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  1. My Dad has looked into respite care but he would feel extremely guilty if he took it up for anything other then the most important events.

    As for taking care of herself, my Mum can feed herself as long as there are biscuits or breakfast cereals in the house. I must admit emergencies are the most worrisome problem.

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