Weekend exploits

Well, this weekend is not a busy weekend. Nothing special has been planned, which, I must say, is probably a good thing as I need to recharge my sleep batteries.

So, what HAVE I done today?

Well, for much of it I was in work doing something I could never do during the week, namely clearing up/out my office. I also re-arranged the office a little in preparation for the arrival of my new machine. Seeing as the monitor should arrive a lot sooner and it’s an LCD screen, this will allow a far different arrangement of things. However, this isn’t due until the beginning of next week, so for the next few days I’m going to be very cramped with the old large CRT monitor in the new arrangement. Anyway, it shouldn’t be a problem for long.

Once the new Sun W2100z arrives in the next few weeks I’ll ship out the old frankenstein Athlon box and have that as the main machine. I should be able to connect both the W2100z and the Ultra 10 to the new monitor’s two inputs so that should cut the monitor count by one as well.

So, after the 3 hour clear up it was off to Sainsbury’s and thence home. After lunch I’m not sure what I did as I was one minute sitting in my comfy chair and the next I knew it was an hour or so later. I told you I needed a sleep recharge.

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