Cyber symmetry

Well, the laser printers have gone up to the “recycling centre” where a burly bloke snatched them in turn and threw them into the back of the bin.

It’s a pity that “re-cycling” computers these days probably means shipping the stuff by bulk carrier half way around the planet so that small chinese kids can smash them apart and the older people in the community extract the precious metals using really horrid chemicals and causing massive local pollution. It would be better if the machines were shipped to the third world to be lovingly cared for by local people who have no computing equipment otherwise in their retirement years… before being shipped off to China……..

As for the Apple Laserwriter Pro 630, I remember ordering it from M.E.Electronics, unpacking it for the undergrads computing lab as it was just being set up ten years ago.. and now I’ve disposed of it.. symmetry.

1 thought on “Cyber symmetry

  1. I remember having to unjam that apple printer so many times, frequently just needing the lid opened and closed.

    Though I’m still telling the story about the time it produced some particularly exotic images that a friend at Durham had emailed him.

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