Strange dream

Just before I woke up this morning I had a very strange dream which left me feeling good, so I’ll recount it a little…

It start with me cycling home from work. When I get to the roundabout on the edge of the housing estate where I live which is also on the edge of the countryside I see that the area which was once fields has now had a large, high class flat development built upon it so I go to investigate. Within the development I find that a large, very posh hotel is part of it with lots of people milling around. I park my bike outside one of the new shops and lock it to a road sign before ambling over to the hotel.

I walk through the front door into the lobby. There i find a couple of women who are giving out leaflets advertising parties which will be going on every night. They’re both dressed in fancy dress themselves. In this case the fancy dress is in one case almost bedroom wear, being made of shear fabrics and very small underwear, the other a scottish lass is in more normal party wear. I get talking to the scottish lass and get on famously. She explains about how she got the job and how she’s enjoying it. We get on so well that we start putting our (one arm each) around each other before the three of us go outside so that they can give out more leaflets.

While we’re out there one of the lecturers from work comes along and gets given leaflets, at which point I notice some oik trying to pick my cycle lock so I make my excuses and run over to my bike and shoo off the potential thief.

However, after I return I find the scottish lass has started to ignore me as I’d said that I was afraid that I couldn’t afford to attend the parties… at which point I woke up.

Strangely, despite the rejection bit at the end, the whole dream gave me a sense of well being and has given me a boost to the morning. It was mostly the sense of closeness I had when holding that nice scottish lass. Maybe that’s what I need in real life and just not in my dreams?

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