Atop a hill

I’m typing this while sat on top of White Horse Hill watching radio controlled glider and sky larks and listening to their chatter as they fly high and then decend.

It’s a beautiful late spring day. The sun is shining in between the intermittent thermal induced clouds. The brease is slightly coX

PS. I’ll continue where my Treo truncated my posting (well, as much of it as I can remember)…

The brease is slightly cool, but that’s fine when you’ve walked a couple of miles along the ridgeway to get here.

2 thoughts on “Atop a hill

    • Hehe. Maybe..

      Actually, I’ve discovered a bug in the Treo web browser.. the text input thingy only takes a maximum of about 256 characters then adds some garbage. Not very useful when you’re trying to type a lengthy livejournal entry on top of a hill.

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