Not good..

I’ve not beenfeeling well these last few days…

Sunday night I got a sinus headache. Nothing really unusual in that, really. It kept me awake ’til about 3am Monday morning. Unfortunately, just as the headache went I got a slight upset stomach which kept me awake for the rest of the night.

After breakfast on Monday I did feel a bit queezy but no more than normal after zero sleep and hence the sleep deprives visual lag artifacts. I soldiered on.

Lunchtime came an I had my usual baguette, after which i actually fealt fine. This continued ’til coffee time when I had a mug of tea. At this point I started feeling a bit bloated. This progressed until suddenly, just about 5pm I started feeling really rather ill and so decided to go home.

I managed to get three quarters of the way home before I couldn’t stop myself being sick any longer. Thankfully, this was in an area with a nice grassy bank so I didn’t make a mess.

Following this I managed to get home, dump my stuff and get up stairs before any further problems occured.

Right through the evening and into the night I was violently ill. My parents, who had in the morning driven back down to Cornwall to do a few things before driving back for my uncle’s funeral later in the week, phoned at about 7pm as pre-arranged and when they discovered my plight decided to drive straight back. They arrived at about 12:15am after the drive up.. unfortunately, just as they had got to Swindon my mum started to be violently sick as well. All in all not a good situation.

My dad called out a doctor who arrived at about 1am and gave my mum and myself some anti-nausia tablets and said that it was probably a reaction to something we’d eaten.

The tablets didn’t seem to have the desired effect, at least not imediately, neithr of us could even keep water down, it was that bad. I finially stopped being sick by about 3am.

Yesterday morning I found that the only way I could keep from being sick was to lay down. Even sitting up in bed was too much. Thankfully, by tea time I felt well enough to get up and sit downstairs.

This morning I felt OK so decided to go to work. I’m not sure that was the best thing to do as I’ve not been feeling very up to much since I got in and definitely not been able to face tea or any drinks other than water. I did eat lunch, a baguette, and that hasn’t made me feel worse, so that’s at least something I s’pose.

I hate being ill.

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