12:00: We’ve just had a phone call informing us of the sudden and unexpected death of uncle Bob in hospital overnight. We’ll probably have to travel back up country.

Well, it’s now 11:04pm and I’m still none the wiser about what is going to happen now that Bob’s passed away.

Anyway, seeing as I’m pretty powerless on that front I spent the day doing the things I would have done anyway.

After a bit more Deus Ex’ing before and after lunch I went off for a walk around the village and then back along the cliffs. In total it was an enjoyable walk of about an hour or so. Along the way I took a number of photos, as did my Dad who had borrowed my little Canon Ixus II camera. I’ve rather caught the sun on my face, unfortunately. I didn’t have a hat or suncream to put on before going out.

After the walk and tea, as there was nothing on the telly, it was back to Deus Ex. I think I’m quite close to the end now as I’ve finished the main part of the Vandenburgh base section and am now off to meet Page for the big showdown (I suspect). If it is the big showdown I image that I’m going to get stuck as I’m never any good at those sorts of things.

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