Mangling The Guide

Well, if you look here you will see the current state of play on the new Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy film. (It’s been referred to on Slashdot.)

Does it seem to you that the casting is just a tad wierd? I mean, a rapper Ford Prefect and a migdget Marvin. It’s giving me all the bad vibes Hollywood adaptions usually have. I wonder what other characters they’re going to mis-cast and how much they’ve changed the whole story since Douglas Adams passed away.

1 thought on “Mangling The Guide

  1. I actually saw some production designs of Marvin a few months ago which had been posted to Ain’t It Cool News, and they really struck a chord with me as being ‘just right’.

    If there’s one thing I think will truly reflect Adams’ original concepts in the movie – it will be the design (and note I’m not necessarily saying the portrayal) of the character.

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