LiveJournal not cool anymore?

Alec has just remarked on Bullet that he’s missing the three per hour postings to his friends’ journals.

Could it be that LJ has lost its glamour (a magic spell used by witches to make themselves or other things look more attractive than they are) or is just no-longer cool because it’s out of fashion or maybe even *shock* *horror* not exclusive?

The other theory put forward is that many of those posts were cries of pain and that either the people involved have moved on and don’t feel the same traumas or they have decided not to air their grief in public fora.

Myself, I lean towards the idea that blogging is becoming passé and yesterday’s thing. No doubt there is a part of the latter as people change and so do their lives and priorities. Life *IS* change.

So, for all those LJ users who have stopped blogging or stopped being so personal in their blogs I wish them well. And for all those who have got bored with the whole on-line journal thing, I say, farewell. It’s merely indicative of the blog reaching maturity and hence no-longer being fashionable or exclusive.

C’est la vie.

2 thoughts on “LiveJournal not cool anymore?

  1. All very true except..

    “Could it be that LJ has lost its glamour

    Myself, I lean towards the idea that blogging is becoming passé”

    LJ isn’t blogging. I don’t know what it is, but it’s not blogging. Journals on LJ tend to be nothing like journals set up any other way. LJ tends to be rather navel-gazing-based, which is something that seems to have an inherent half-life. LJ’s don’t generally last very long – it’s probably too intense, and it’s something people grow out of. And, of course, very few LJs are read by non-LJers.

    Blogs, however, tend to last for years and years…

    There does seem to be a tendency for LJers to forget that LJ is a tiny, tiny ghetto compared to blogging as a whole..


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