Birthday updates.

I’ve had a very quiet birthday this year.

Other than my parents visiting I didn’t do anything really special.

I did, however, get a nice pressie of a Breville bread maker.. The Anthony Warrell-Thompson one. It’s going to have to live on top of the fridge as it’s too big to store elsewhere. For operation I have a nice space on my folding table which also gives enough space to mix the ingredients.

The first loaf tasted nice though it does seem to go stale quite quickly, though this may be due to the loaf sitting in the open rather than being put into a bag after it cooled.

Yesterday, as well as making the first loaf, my dad and myself re-hung the side gate extending the post, moving the hunges outwards and the brakets on the gate itself. The gate now opens fully flat to the wall. All I have to do now is fit the hook to the wall and the eye on the gate.

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  1. Re: Happy Birthday

    Oh, the reply I sent earlier didn’t come out.. anyway.

    Ah, I see. Well, it didn’t help that it was left out and went dry as well as stale.

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