OK, I promise to end my geekiness after this posting, ok? 😉

Well, after downgrading the NVidia drivers to the latest but one version the Unreal II problem went away, so I’m a happy bunny.

As for the game itself, it’s reasonably fun but I’m not sure where all that
extra memory is going to as, in my opinion, the graphics aren’t THAT much
better than the original other than a little more refined (which hardly affects
gameplay). As for the game itself, it’s extremely linear with a tight story
line from which you don’t have the opportunity of diversion. I find this
rather annoying. It’s not even as if you have a number of ways of fullfilling
the missions, you have one route you can take and you have to take it. You
hardly have to use your brain, just your trigger finger. Give me open ended
play over this anyday and stuff the story. Of course, it’s harder to think
how to write an open ended game and probably even harder to sell it to publisher
execs.. “What do you mean it doesn’t have a story? How are you going to expect
the players to get into the game?” sort of thing.

Now, one such game with a totally open mode of play was the original Elite.
The goal of the game was survival and getting richer so you could buy better
ships and do what you wanted in the little Universe. Sure, there WERE a couple
of  missions which you might happen upon if you happened to be at the
right space station at the right time but they were a bonus.

Anyway, enough of this game critique… on with real life. 🙂

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