as for the question about the stability or not of my PC and Unreal II, I
think last night I tied it down to Unreal II as other high intensity graphics
games run fine for long periods. Unreal II will run for about 5 minutes or
so before crashing putting Windows into a state where the only active thing
is the cursor and the last sound sample is looping on the Soundblaster Live!

I’ve tried the tweeking of the system as suggested on the support web site
and it made no difference whatsoever, it still crashes after about 5 minutes.

I’m guessing that the problem is likely to be partly due to the fact that
I have only(!!!!) 256MB of RAM in the machine. Unreal II managed to use over
400MB of virtual memory when running when I ran the Windows resource monitor
program. It’s monsterous! Not only that, but I saw an almost constant rise
in memory usage on the graph as time went on. Memory leak, anyone? I’m wondering
if they did any real testing of the program under Win98 at all. It’s most
probable that they concentrated purely on XP and did only marginal compatibility
testing on older Windows versions.

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