PS.. musings on the party on saturday night.

The party was at John, Katie and Sam’s house as it was John’s party.

It was a fun evening, I got to talk to lots of nice people, mostly women, as it turns out.

One thing did come to light which surprised me. It’s all revolved around
John and Katie talking about going to see the Rocky Horror Show in Oxford
and costumes to be worn. In the conversation there were three of us males
and six females and I was rather taken aback by the ideas for costumes the
women were putting forward and how daring the men targetted would have to
be and how daring they would like to be also. Most of the costumes suggested
either had kinky underwear on full display, which is understandable for Rocky
Horror, or involved dangerous or skimpy clothing with no underwear at all.

Call me sheltered, but I did find it a little shocking.

My sense of being a little sheltered was even more brought to light when
i bumped into Katie on the way home last night. She told me that she’d just
bought herself a new dress for the Dept. Christmas party as she’d worn all
her other party dresses in previous parties. She said it was “very small,
very tight, black and glittery.” My reply was, “Well I guess you’re going
to have to be very careful about what you wear underneath it.” to which her
reply was, “No, I won’t wear anything beneath it, it’s too small and tight.
It should hold all my bits in place well enough.” I was a little taken aback
by this.

Is it very common for women to forsake underwear just as that their clothes look better?

If so, then expect me to be a little shocked more often in future.

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  1. A few points to note

    Women don’t talk that way to just any man. Not as a rule. This means she is either flirting with you or at least, considers you a good friend.

    As for what women wear, be surprised, be interested (although not over interested) but never be shocked.

    Oh yeah, and go with them to see the Rocky Horror show and let them dress you up. 😎


    • Re: A few points to note


      Yes, she’s a pretty close friend and the girlfriend of another friend. She talks about this sort of thing quite openly in general conversation.

      As for Rocky Horror, I think it was merely hypothetical as I believe it’s been sold out.

      • Re: A few points to note

        i go with grim – ask them to beg you a ticket and ask them to “dress you up” being a RHPS “newbie”. under no circumstances refuse anything they suggest doing to you. see if you can deal with giving up a little control. consider it an experience.

        • Re: A few points to note

          They didn’t have tickets either, it was just a conversation piece generated by them talking about failing to get tickets.

          It was only on in Oxford for 6 days. (It’s the touring 30th anniversary show, apparently.)

  2. is it very common for women to forsake underwear just as that their clothes look better?

    Yes, the term is VPL (visible panty line) and it really does spoil the look of clothes.

    in fact an increasing number of women forsake underwear completely.

    • I thought VPL was being combatted using thongs these days rather than no underwear. I live and learn.

      As for the forsaking of underwear completely.. wouldn’t this be a bit of a problem if wearing short skirts/dresses and during a certain time of the monthly cycle? (I hope I’m not being too explicit here.) I s’pose it would depend upon how confident the woman was about her body as to whether she minded accidental exposure or not.

      • G and I used to go clubbing in Aber, her in little-black-dress, tights, boots and a gold chain belt. Nothing else. Being a “walking turn-on” was a big confidence boost to her, as well as being just a little daring and naughty.

        Made things interesting afterwards, too. 😎

        It happens all the time. You’ve seen the BTG lot (you know whom) on enough occasions without, but I suspect you’ve been not looking / not noticing / labouring under incorrect assumptions.

        Welcome to the world.

        • Surely tights (or as they’re known in the US, pantyhose) can be classed as being equivalent to knickers anyway? It’s not as if there’s nothing but air beneath the dress?

          I must admit to have never noticed any of the BTG lot no wearing knickers. Then again, I’ve not noticed them wearing skirts or dresses either. πŸ™‚

    • As an interesting aside whilst trying to find information about museums holding collections of historical undergarments, (a spin off from and e-mail conversation with allonella) I found article in the guardian.

      It quite amused me.

  3. You *really* have to get out more.

    I’ve noticed amongst the early twenty somethings that not only have uncomfortable g-strings become de rigueur of the last couple of years, (ocasionally to hide the lines of the underwear beneath a tight skirt), but the complete absence of underwear has been growing in fashion.

    Not that I notice these things of course.

    And talking of fashion amongst the early twenty somethings, bisexuality is really, really popular amongst girls at the moment. Somehow I don’t think it’ll catch on amongst many boys any time soon though.

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