Phew, what a day!

Having been awake half the night coughing, I gave myself an hour’s lay in bed later than normal.

Just as I got into work, the main server decided that it was bored of serving things and just wanted to play with its SCSI bus. I gave it a nice sharp power-cycle for its troubles (it was otherwise unresponsive). After the reboot it showed no indication in dmesg what the problem had been.

I was then able to get to my e-mail.. but before I had a chance to read very far one of the secretaries called me shouting “HELP!” ‘cos she couldn’t log in. There seemed to be no reason for this but a quick reboot worked wonders on the Windows box.

So, back to the e-mail.. where there was a report of a box in teh Uni getting broken into using the SSH crc32 hole and being used to scan the rest of the Uni.. so I had to check out all our hosts, just in case.

With all that, plus Sun Maintenance Schedule organisation loveliness (which I’m not going to rant about), the glossy photo paper and normal paper being exchanged like nobody’s business in the A0 printer and a colour laser printer which mailed me lots saying that the paper was empty when it wasn’t, my day wasn’t that fun, really.

Still, it’s now time to go home. Thank goodness!

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