Where did the weekend go?

Well, it’s back to work this morning, though I did lay in for an extra half an hour ‘cos it’s out of termtime now so the bike racks won’t be full.

The weekend was fun, though a little short.

Saturday was spent first doing the normal shopping at Sainsbury’s followed by travelling to London at lunchtime to meet some friends ready for the “By the Gods” Xena fan club meeting in the evening. Although I’m not really a “fan” as such, I enjoy the show but I’m not fanatical, the bunch of people who Alec introduced me to are really nice and fun to be with.

Anyway, I got rained upon just before reaching Charing Cros Police Station. The foyer of the Police Station is where we arranged to meet as one of the people is a sargent there. Off we went to TFI Friday’s around the corner where we had a good lunch, though the service was a little on the slow side.

By the time the food was consumed it was pretty much time to go to Page’s Bar in Westminster, though Jo couldn’t resist taking us to a couple of Aussie shops for supplies on the way back to the nick (to pick up Maureen’s car).

Once at Page’s, Maureen and Jo went ahead taking the copious amounts of sweeties she’d been asked to get from Makro’s by Dean into the bar whilst the rest of us queued outside.

Much fun was had by all during the evening, including the Sing-A-Long to the musical episode “Liar,Liar” which includes a very amusing cover of “There’s Always Something There to Remind Me” which is nothing like Burt Bacarat(sp?) would have imagined. Then the “Techno re-mix of Zorba The Greek” Dean forced us to dance to was landed upon us, which was rather exhausting and in the smokey air left my throat rather sore and my voice non-existant.

The drive home afterwards was uneventful, thankfully, so it was to bed at about half one.

Sunday morning was spent in bed reading “The Truth.” This was not planned. I’d woken up at 9am and thought “I’ll just have a little read and get up at 9:30” then started reading. The next I knew it was 11:45am and all my plans for the day were out of the window. It was a good thing I didn’t need to talk to anyone as I’d lost my voice from the cold I have and the night before’s excesses.

Idid manage to wash the car and scrub most of the wax I’d accidently got on the plastic bits the last time off so it doesn’t look so horrid.

At 7pm I felt a little tired so decided to have a lay down for a bit.. and woke up at 9pm! I watched a little telly, put the rubbish out then went back to bed and started reading another book as I’d finished “The Truth.”

I think I need longer weekends when I have social things on.

My cold, although not entered the nose, is happily playing with my throat and my sinuses.. I hope it gets bored and goes away soon!

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