Bike update.

Well, my bike now has a working set of gear levers! Yippee!

However, (a) they need adjusting as they don’t change up properly (change up twice and down once to go up a gear) but the adjuster is already at its limit in the directoion it needs adjusting. (b) The adjusted brakes at the back are binding badly and, again, the adjuster’s at the end of its adjustment. (c) I have no chain guard as the bracket on my bike is “the wrong type” due to the bike having been manufactured over 10 years ago (even though I bought it “new” less than 2 years ago). This means that Raleigh will need to send a new bracket but can’t guarantee delivery in less than 6 months! (I’m wondering why the bike shop couldn’t have just drilled a hole on the guard in the right place for the current bracket.) The old guard is too broken to be replaced back onto the bike.


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