Busy week

Social occasions are like busses. You wait a long time and nothing comes along and then a whole lot all come at once.

Last Thursday Alec turned up and we went out to Brown’s in Oxford and had a rather nice meal. After getting home we watched “Walking with Beasts” which I had taped earlier in the evening and chatted.

Friday morning off went Alec to take his motor bike to get it serviced and off I went to work.

Work was ok. I managed a quick snooze in the evening seminar, which got me up and ready for the evening’s entertainment. Off to Reading, met Howard, Grim and Holly and then went off to a sort of Mexican restaurant.. very nice food. Followed by a very nice film.. Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone. Not having read the book probably helped the enjoyment, though the Star Wars: Episode II trailer and the John Williams music (which had shades of Empire Strikes Back) kept bringing Star Wars to mind.. especially the bit where Harry get’s his father’s lightsabre^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hinvisibility cloak. Oh, and the dark side of the magic.

Anyway, I got home and to bed by 2am.

Saturday morning, up at 7:45am out the door and off to Liverpool. Despite the M5 being closed forcing all the traffic around the M42 and there being a motorbike show at the NEC the traffic was fine and I got there by 11:15am. Lindsey plied me with tea. 1:30pm off to the Hunt household to pick up the family Hunt and take them to the church. It seems that the young australian girls wanted to travel in my car and not Lindsey’s Metro.. oh well. 🙂

Little Samuel’s christening went fine with lots of song and fun as usual with the Hunt clan. There was a sighting of a Clive Dolphin too.

Anyway, back to Mel’s place.. lots of sarnies and things and a post-christening party. Jim Finnis and his new girlfriend, Katrin, turned up. Katrin’s really nice and pretty too.. oh, and as Stephanie pointed out, shorter than even her.

After that party was another.. Lindsey and Steve’s flat warming. The result.. food was transferred from one party to the other, as were most of the people.

Bed at 2am again.

Sunday morning was spent drinking tea, nattering and visiting the Hunt abode. Visited Southport, went back to Lindsey’s and snoozed a bit whilst chatting to Lindsey.. then it was time to go home.

The M6 was far more full this time.. 50-60mph all the way. Got home at 8pm and flopped into bed.

Thankfully, Monday was quiet. 🙂

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