Happy birthday car!

It’s a happy first birthday for my car.

In that year it’s had roof ridge tiles blown into it, huge stones thrown at it by quarry lorries and the turbo decided it didn’t want to play anymore. And that’s on top of the scratch on the rear quarter near the fuel filler it had upon delivery.

Anyway, all the damage has been fixed and it’s looking nice and sparkley on the drive.. well other than the areas I missed rubbing the wax off last Sunday. It was dark by the time I got around to that so there is an excuse.

Anyway, yesterday was a second day I had off work due to the dodgy tummy. I felt a lot better in the morning, but had had so little sleep as to make it pointless to go into work. After taking the bike to get the brake/gear levers changed and found they hadn’t arrived.. so went back home, back to bed and the next I knew it was midday.

This morning I popped into the bike shop on the way to work, just in case.. still no parts, so I cycled headlong into a sub-zero gale with only 3 gears. Typically, the lowest gear was way too low and so the legs were going two to the dozen and the next gear up was too high so that it was too difficult to push the bike through the gale. By the time I got to work my ears were so cold that they ached on the inside. Not fun.

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