Oh, I’ve not written years! Now a kilt update…

Well, it seems that I’ve not added an entry on here for quite some time. I think that it’s mostly been because I’ve been generally uninspired by anything of note and I didn’t want to write anything about the dire state of politics at the moment.

So, what’s been going on?

Well, I’ve been playing with old computers, uprating and upgrading the Atari TT. Fixing an Apple SE/30 by replacing all the motherboard capacitors, as you do. Oh, and I’ve been to a number of “Elite: Dangerous” related meetings.

Oh, and for the last year I’ve been wearing a kilt most of the time… So, how did that happen?

Well, I had the idea just before St.Andrew’s Day 2017 to raise a little money for charity by having a vote on whether I should wear a kilt on the saint’s day. A couple pound donation in either one or another JustGiving pot. Well, the referendum was rather more convincing for the wearing relative to another that I won’t mention. So, I wore the kilt.

Then, just after getting back from a family emergency down in Cornwall, I had a conversation with the Department’s librarian which made me realise that the only reason preventing me from actually wearing a kilt all the time was because I thought that I couldn’t and in fact there was no reason. At that point I made the decision to go ahead. I ordered more kilts and socks etc. and planned to start as soon as I had everything in place.

So, now it’s just about a year after I started wearing the kilt again. I had to give it a break during the Summer as the socks and kilt (but especially the socks) were way too warm for the Summer weather, especially when it went above 30C.

Well, what have I discovered in this year? Well, kilts are comfortable though slightly less convenient than trousers. After a while you do get used to being completely free down there, but it takes a while. In cold weather kilts are warm enough but you have to get used to some cool air circulating, but the cold on the lower cheeks is no different to that on the upper cheeks and less intense.

As for reactions to the kilt being worn, they’ve been far better than in 2010. In general all but a few people have been welcoming and supportive and the few others have merely respectfully told me that it’s not their cup of tea and are not fans. I have had some interest from a few people about getting kilts for themselves, both male and female, and they’re curious about how it feels to wear one “properly”.

So, I think I might as well keep going… Anyone want to join me? It’s always good to have more people wearing kilts. 😉

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