Yes, it’s been five years since the month of the kilt.

It was almost exactly five years ago that I started my month long wearing of a kilt for charity. This blog itself was set up to document the experience. To be honest, it seems a lot longer than just five years.

Given the number of changes at work, with the change of building and a complete turn-over of postgraduates and almost all the postdocs too, the retirement of a complete generation of academics and the doubling in size totally, it’s a very different place. The “old department” is almost a dream now.

With this great turn-over there are only a few now who remember my kilted month. I’m not sure that I’d be able to do it now.

So, what about the kilt wearing now?

After a few years of not wearing one at all with the only outing being a fancy dress party for a friend’s 40th, last year saw a slight change. In November, after a bit of banter on the “Elite: Dangerous” (game) forums a group of us decided to turn up to the launch in kilts. Although this was sort of fancy dress it was also properly in public and re-introduced me to the comfort of the kilt, and complements about how I looked.

The next opportunity came after my 40th birthday when I was going out to a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant with my best friend and discovered at the last minute that my suit trousers needed cleaning and were unwearable. Out came the kilt to the rescue!

Again, there were complements about how I looked in the kilt. This is something I’m not used to.

Finally, yesterday a friend and ex-postgraduate at work who has moved up to St.Andrews University gave another opportunity to wear the kilt. Being Chinese she had a bit of a different point of view of western clothing and pronounced that she liked the outfit and “English men dress boring.” And again, unusually complementary comments on how I looked.

So, that’s three times I’ve worn it in less than a year, and each time with a great deal of positive feedback. Maybe I should find more excuses to wear it?


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