And it ended one year ago…

Yes, it’s now a whole year since I put away the kilts for the last time as normal, everyday wear.

At the time I remember being relieved that the month was over as the tyranny of having to wear the outfit was highly annoying. Well, also the fact that wearing long, woollen socks in the summer is not very comfortable.

I must admit that the year has flown by, probably due to the upheaval at work with the move to the new building, which still has some repercussions. Other than that, I’m not sure a great deal has changed in my life.

As for whether I’ll ever wear any of the kilts as normal wear ever again, I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s probably highly unlikely and I should start to think about getting rid of them. Even though they are comfortable to wear, if not driving, the perceived social pressure to conform and not wear anything unusual does feel quite strong.

Anyway, it’s probably time to stop thinking about it and leave it in the past…

P.S. Almost as soon as I posted this I got a reaction on Facebook saying, “but…. you looked so good in one!”

But did I really?

Me in a kilt