A week to go and three gone by.

Well, by this time next week I will have finished my calendar month long task of wearing a kilt. Essentially, it will end with me changing into my badminton gear after getting home from work.

I must admit that it will be strange to go back to wearing trousers. Wearing the kilt has become very normal now. What I won’t miss will be the long socks (which are hot and itch in this weather) and the masses of pleats at the rear of the kilt which make sitting in the car very uncomfortable and actually painful after a while. Oh, and then there are the inconveniences of all the tackle such as the sporran and the belt.

Having said that, walking around (when the sporran is lightly loaded) is very comfortable. So, they do have their advantages.

The other thing I’ll have to get used to again is the anonymity in the street. But then again I’ve now got so used to the looks that I hardly notice them any more.

Anyway, there’s still a week to go, though I don’t see any major challenges to overcome during that time, other than warm weather.