And now it’s half way…

I can’t believe that it’s been about a week since my last update. Then again it’s been pretty busy and I’ve hardly spent any time at home. Anyway, on with the post.

Well, it’s now been a little over two weeks since I started wearing the kilt and there’s approximately the same to go until the 3rd August, the last day of the challenge. So, how have things been going?

In general, there’s not a huge amount to report on the actual kilt wearing side other than all of a sudden it’s started feeling scarily normal. That is, since yesterday it’s not felt unusual at all to be wearing essentially a skirt with nothing underneath, to the point where I’m forgetting about it. Previously it’s been comfortable but unusual. I’m going to have to be more careful to remind myself how to sit etc.

The only real down side to wearing the kilt is that it’s a faff to get in and out of the car and the bunched up kilt is darned uncomfortable to sit on when driving. I s’pose it was never designed for car driving.

As for people’s reactions. I’m still seeing a very mixed bunch, though I’m noticing it a lot less. I was out around town on Friday evening and the reactions I got ranged from an old woman scowling and saying, “Why?! Why?! Why?!” under her breath to a student aged woman saying, “I like the kilt. I’ve been trying to get my boyfriend to wear one but he won’t. More men should wear kilts.” Admittedly, the great majority of people seemed to either not notice or mentally blank it out.

I have had even more positive reactions today, however. Firstly, when I was walking to buy lunch, a fellow came up to me and asked what sort of kilt it was. I explained that it was just a casual kilt and happened to be black. Anyway, the conversation continued and it turns out that he works in the Pitt Rivers Museum and had now had the idea that maybe it would be interesting to try wearing a kilt.. So, I may have a convert!

Secondly, someone who used to work in our accounts department came visiting the Department. She thought that my kilt looked really go and, once again, that it suited me and why didn’t I continue to wear it after the month s up? This was echoed again elsewhere by one of our Chinese academic visitors. She thought that too many people in the Department just wear the same old clothes and so why didn’t I keep wearing the kilt?

Is there a secret society out there trying to persuade me?! 🙂

As for my colleague’s reaction. Other than an initial, mild reaction at the IT support staff conference there’s been no problem, thankfully. So it’s all good.

Anyway, two and a bit weeks to go!

3 thoughts on “And now it’s half way…

  1. hee hee – liking Cheryl’s comment! sliiiide in! (helps to have a plastic bag eg Sainsbury;s etc on the seat!)

    And as for secret soc? nah – blatant – think if you like it, stick with it hun! – maybe that way I’ll get to see you in it too!! :-))

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