Passing the quarter mark.

Well, I’ve been wearing the kilt for a bit over a week now and I’ve passed the quarter mark for the challenge.

I must admit that on the whole, so far it’s been easier than I imagined to begin with. The reactions have been nowhere near as negative. I have found it surprising how many people continue to tell me that the kilt suits me and that I should carry on. I’m still not tempted to do so yet.

Over the weekend I did quite a long trip away from home, going to a party in Warrington, staying overnight in a hotel and coming back via Chester to meet up with some more old friends. Again, this was easier than expected. I had thought that being so far away from any items of underwear would make me more nervous. In the end it didn’t bother me at all. Maybe I am getting fully used to the whole thing.

This morning, due to the rain, for the first time in almost a week I had to wear clothing which encased my legs (waterproof trousers). I was surprised to find just how really uncomfortable it was. These trousers cannot be said to be at all tight. In fact they’re really baggy. However, they felt so very restrictive and the seams literally painful. I’m wondering now how the shorts I wear for badminton will feel tomorrow evening. Of course, it also makes me wonder how the transition back to wearing trousers on the 4th August will be as well.

Still, I have three weeks to go yet and I’ve got to get through the University IT support staff conference on Wednesday, including bowling in the evening. I’ve also got the return to work of my colleague on Thursday. She had a very poor reaction to my wearing of the kilt for the photoshoot and I’m just hoping that she can get over her aversion quickly.

I do hate causing some people to be uncomfortable but there’s not a great deal I can do about it.


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  1. Go you Steve! – how time is flying by! Before you know it, it’ll be 4th Aug and you’ll wish to keep the kilt for longer! 🙂
    Am glad it’s all for a good cause anyway!

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