Kilt wearing: Days three to five.

Well, there’s not a great deal new to report on the actual kilt wearing. I think I’ve worked out all the day-to-day problems. There’s still a surprising disparity between people’s reactions. Thankfully, most reactions are either that they ignore the kilt now or, when I’m walking outside of the Department, sometimes amusement and sometimes trying not to look as though they’re looking.

There was one item of note, however, and that was badminton on Tuesday evening. Now, during the day there’s a roll-call e-mail which goes around. Of course, there was the obligatory quip about me wearing the kilt to badminton in the evening, followed by a few more. So, I thought, I’d better make sure that this was not the general view. After all, if everyone wanted me to turn up wearing the kilt maybe I should. Anyway, thankfully sanity prevailed and I wore my normal t-shirt and shorts. What did surprise me was that after only about two and a half days of wearing the kilt the shorts felt so alien and uncomfortable. Goodness knows what it’s going to be like by the end of the month.

I think that at the beginning of next week I’m going to send out second general e-mail to both the departmental and the IT support staff lists reminding them of the kilt challenge and how to sponsor me.

As for the donations so far, the total is up to £428 so far. I wonder if I can make it £1000 by the end of the month. I somewhat doubt it.