Practically a year since the kilt wearing: Thoughts on the subject.

Yes, I can’t believe that it’s practically a year since I started wearing the kilt for a month. (It’ll actually be a year on Monday.)

So, have I worn it at all since? Yes, once, to a fancy dress party. Strangely, it didn’t feel as unusual as I thought it might. Obviously my body has a memory of this being normal.

I still can’t see myself wearing a kilt casually without prompting, especially during the Summer. Having said that, it probably wouldn’t take much in the way of prompting to get me to do so. If I were to do so I’d probably get a lighter weight kilt and one in a more interesting colour than black.

As for wearing one more generally, such as to work, well I’d need a bit more convincing. I do, now and again, get a comment from one or two people saying that they’d like to see it again. However, I don’t want to make those who felt uncomfortable with it last year to feel uncomfortable again.

Actually, dear reader, I would be interested in your thoughts on the whole kilt wearing episode, now that time has gone on, if you have any.

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