And so it begins…

Well, the time has arrived for the start of my month of kilt wearing.

So, this morning I packed away all my trousers into a wardrobe I hardly used and cleared out my underwear and packed that away as well. It was more a symbolic event to hide them and hence not remind me or tempt me to put any on, even in private.

My first forays into the world wearing the kilt will be up to Maplin’s to get some earbud foam covers for the new iPhone’s earphones, returning via a garden centre for bird seed and thence to Sainsbury’s for the weekly shop.

Anyway, I s’pose I’ll have to get on with it.

P.S. I wonder how I’ll feel about the whole thing in a month’s time. Who knows, maybe the trousers will never come out of the wardrobe. I somewhat doubt it, however. It would solve a whole load of problems finding clothes if I did, seeing how impossible it’s become to get trousers to fit me.