The last of the pieces are coming together.

Well, this is the last week I can make any preparations for the month of kilt wearing due to going on holiday. So, although there are three weeks until I start the task I’ve been having to get all the final things in place.

Hopefully this week the t-shirts will be ready for collection and I’ve now ordered the "kilt hose", i.e. long socks, so as to hide my hair legs from people.

With every one of these steps towards the goal the event is becoming more and more real. I’ve also been thinking more and more about the practicalities especially with respect to work and getting to and from there. There is also thinking of the way to resolve the conflict between what I’ve been asked to do at work and what the terms of the event are, which I won’t go into any more detail here. I think I’ve thought of a way to keep to the spirit of the challenge and yet still abide by the rules I’ve been given, though it’s definitely a compromise on the terms of the challenge.

Anyway, I have had some delayed reaction from the day of the photo-shoot which was quite positive. Just down the corridor from my office works an American post-doc. About a week after the photo-shoot I bumped into him and his wife at the bottom of the stairs and she commented that she thought I looked very nice in my kilt and asked if she could get a photo of me with them when I’m wearing the kilt. I joked that maybe she should get her husband one, at which point she smiled and said that they were visiting Scotland in a week or so’s time….

Anyway, that’s all I have to say on this subject for the moment. In three weeks time it all kicks off.

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