Easter Sunday

A bit of a slow morning, I got up at half ten.

The weather didn’t look too promising at all. It was dull and grey. So, after playing some “Colin McRae Rally 04” for a bit it was time for lunch, roast beef and Yorkshire pud. 🙂

By the time lunch had finished miraculously the clouds had cleared and moved to the north, leaving mostly blue skies over The Lizard. Having seen the weather forecast for the week ahead on “Country File” I decided that it’d be a very good idea to take advantage of this window in the weather and go for a walk (with my camera).

So, after fitting my chunky F2.8 Sigma lens on the camera I proceeded to the Marconi memorial then south along the coast path to Polurrian Cove and then followed the bridleway back into the Village and home again. A total of about one and a half hours of pleasant walking and photography.

At Meres Cliff is noticed that the gorse bushes had been very much killed off relative to a year ago when I took a picture. So, as a contrast I tried to recreate the original photograph. I didn’t quite get the same site of framing but it’s close enough. It’s amazing the change just one year makes.

Surprisingly, there was a reasonable amount to watch on telly this evening, starting with “Time Team” and then following through “Bremner, Bird and Fortune” and “The West Wing” and finishing with the update programme for “Balderdash and Piffle.”

So, that’s the end of another day in Cornwall. If the weather holds out I may go for another walk tomorrow.