Good Friday

Well, it’s the first day back down in Cornwall for the usual Easter holiday. However, this time it’s rather shorter as I’m having to save my holiday days up for the trip to Norway in September.

The trip down wasn’t exactly the best. It took exactly 7 hours in total, with a half hour stop at Taunton Dean. The highlights of this particular journey were:

(1) The rain… I’m sure the Rain God was travelling down with me and I’m sure that we went through quite a few of his classification types. The Sun did come out eventually at Truro and beyond that point it was clear blue skies.

(2) The traffic jams… Let’s see.. 1 hour at the M4 Bath/Stroud junction caused by the recovery of a continental coach which had somehow gone beyond the hard shoulder and onto the grass verge. Then there was the half hour or so caused by the Clifton Down roadworks on the M5 and finally about another half hour on the Bodmin by-pass where they’re working on the extension to Indian Queens (though it did give me some time to enjoy the huge carpet of primroses which had burst into life where the trees had been cut down).

After all that I’m feeling rather shattered. I’ll probably have an early night tonight after unpacking and making the bed. I could try to find the energy to go for a walk with my camera before the Sun goes down, but I’m not sure about that.