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7 h0llym0nst3rs a-grinding.
6 reverendgrims a-sulking.
5 red roverphiles.
4 galloping sleipnir_s.
3 Slovakian stubborngits.
2 rabbit wibblypigs.
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News? What News?

I’ve had BBC’s Breakfast News programme on this morning as usual as I eat my breakfast. All the news I’ve seen has bee “Ian Huntley this” and “Ian Huntley that” to the point where they are repeating themselves endlessly and asking the same questions to different invited “experts.”

There has been little new information. In fact, since yesterday there has been NO new information. So, why are they going on and on about it? OK. So, it WAS a big news story but no longer. It has passed, move on.

This is what I hate about the current sensationalist, tabloid TV journalism. They’d far rather blather on endlessly about the soft parts of a hard news story than even mention anything really important and cover the news in general, which may not be as good at increasing their ratings of lowbrow sheep who would rather see a good blood letting. Well, they lost one rating this morning. I turned the telly off.

Of course, as I’m not in one of the small number of monitored households from which are ludicrously extrapolated the viewing figures, no-one will notice.

Dum de dum

What’s been happening, dear reader?

Well, last weekend I visited Graham, Rachel and little Christopher Hartland, down Farnborough way. T’was a fun weekend with various other people popping in and drinking tea.

Other news, I got a ticket this evening for tomorrow’s inaugural showing at the new multiplex which has opened about a mile away, next to the Kassam Stadium. The good news is that the film on offer is Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. The not so good aspect of the cinema is that this evening it had a couple of groups of adolescents on bikes loudly joking about robbing people. Not really the best thing to have to instill a friendly and fun-filled air to the place.

I’ve posted a message on the multiplex’s web site feedback page stating that this sort of thing isn’t likely to increase the numbers of people paying money to see films and that it may be a good idea to have a security guard on duty to stop this sort of thing from happening.