Friday morning

Here am I, sitting at home awaiting the arrival of my new sofabed from Argos Direct. I’m feeling very tired but generally content.

Last night’s outing went very well and was fun. The Moonlight Tandoori Restaurant was very pleasant, the food was excellent and there was a lot of it! I mean, how often in an Indian restaurant do you get a 12″, deep dish (not plate) of extremely freshly cooked, nicely presented main course and then the rice on top? Let’s say that those who had merely rice with their meal were bloated, those who took nan bread couldn’t finish. All this for the same sort of prices you’d get in the normal take-away where you get a meal served in a little steel dish which has probably been cooked 5 hours previously and been kept warm in a big vat.

Felicia, one of the 1st year postgrads I’ve got to know, surprised me by presenting a gift of a mini rock garden. She hoped it wasn’t too corny. She’d also wrapped it in paper with chinese writing on it. (She’s Singaporian.) That was a genuinely nice present.

The only downer for the evening was not to do with the company or the venues really, it’s that in the last pub we went to it was a bit smokey. This caused my cough, which had all but disappeared, to flare up again. It meant that I hardly got any sleep last night at all, which is why I’m so tired.

Anyway, I really enjoyed myself last night and so did all my friends who I invited, which is all you can ask for an evening out.

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