Tonight’s the night!

Well, actually, tonight’s just the night I go out for a belated celebration of my birthday (which was exactly a week ago).

Anyway, thankfully, the cough’s on the wane now. It only stopped me from
getting to sleep for about an hour last night unlike the nights before.

Anyway, the plan for tonight is to go straight from work to the Turf public
house, there natter and drink things ’til about 7:30 at which time we decamp
to the Moonlight Tandoori Restaurant on the Cowley Road to eat, drink and
make merry. I’m not sure there’s going to be anything after that other than
cycling home. If you want to join me, feel free.

On other matters, I got phoned up by Argos last night to inform me that my
new sofabed will be delivered tomorrow morning between 7:30am and 1pm. This
meant that last night I had to rush upstairs to may spare room and dismantle
the two pine beds (which the sofabed is replacing) and get the room in a
fit state for the new piece of furnature. I’ve still got to move the old
matresses and frames out into the garage but I can do that tomorrow morning
while I wait for the delivery.

Then, tomorrow evening I drive off down to Yately to see Rachel, Graham &
little Christopher. I’ve been having a bit of a logistical problem trying
to get Chris a birthday pressie, but this can all be worked out.