Busy week.. it’s that time of year again.

just about the time thinks become desparately busy here.. the new Undergraduates
and Postgraduates arrive. Before they do I have make sure that I’ve got all
their accounts set up, all the undergrad PCs are updated and fixed and everything’s
ready for the fresh faced youths to think that everything works and hence
nothing has had to be done. Such is the life of a SysAdmin.

Anyway, I’ve got the undergrad computers done now, the user accounts have
been set up, including the three dropped on me earlier this morning that
the admin types forgot to tell me about. Now I’m just waiting to go and give
the new account details to the new students and get their university ID card
numbers from them for our security system as they queue up witing for their
photo to be taken.

Monday afternoon I have to teach these 1st years how to log into our system
and set up their e-mail. This is going to be painful as those who think they
know how to use computers will race ahead and do it all wrong. This is dispite
being told at the outset that it would not be wise to do so. C’est la vie.

Anyway, getting away from work issues, tomorrow I’ve a busy day. In the morning
I’ve got to do all the normal weekend jobs before going off into London to
meet up with people for the last BTG (By the Gods) meeting. It should be
fun as it will include lunch, wandering aimlessly around central London for
a few hours, probably drinking lots of coffee, followed by a celebratory
final event at Page’s Bar in Westminster. So, anyone who likes Xena: Warrior
Princess (which I find as fun, but I’m not a fanatic over) or likes to watch
lots of lesbian women being bawdy and generally laddish, turn up and have
a fun time. It starts at 6pm and costs £3 to get in. 🙂 (Note: not
all the women are lesbian or bawdy and there are some reasonably normalish
people there too.)

Hmm.. maybe bawdy isn’t quite the right word as they aren’t really overtly sexual, more boisterous.

Anyway, tat’s the plan for the weekend.

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