Cropredy, gone but not forgotten.

Well, that’s the Cropredy music festival over for another year.

I’d like to thank all those who made it such an enjoyable event this year, dispite the weather’s best efforts to dampen things. So, thank-you to the sisters Hunt (I know two or you are nee Hunt, but hey! :-)), Eddie, Ian (smithi1), Jen (smiddly), Jim, Katrin, Tom (xencat), Shona, the wee kiddies, Alec (alecm), Nikki and the multitude of Steves.. You are all lovely, fun people to hide under tarpallings with! (I won’t mention anything about sausages, buns and skrumpy.)

(If I’ve missed anyone, by the way, it’s due to brain fade rather than anything else.)

I got home this morning at about 3:45am after managing to reach escape velocity from the mud with the help of one of the Steves and some passers by.

After some 5.5 hours sleep I managed to get up and unpack the car, phone my parents and generally get ready for the arrival of Lindsey, Stephy and Steve after they have left the festival this lunchtime. They arrived soon after I finished munching on the remains of the Nestle breakfast variety pack without milk. We trundled off into Oxford and joined up with Tom, Shona and little Tanaqui and ambled around Oxford for a little while until Lindsey and Stephy flaked out and needed to come back here to go home. I managed to get all the digital photos I’d taken over the festival onto CD for them to take with them.. one copy each.

The rest of the day has been taken up with napping and going to Sainsbury’s to do the weekly shop.

Work tomorrow.. back to reality.

Sticky night

I’m SO tired this morning.

was too warm and humid last night to sleep properly. I think I woke up and
changed the way I was sleeping about 5-6 times and that doesn’t count those
times when i just turned over and tried to get back to sleep.

the weather forcast does seem slightly better for Corpredy.. they’re saying
that it’s only going to get breezy now, and then only by Sunday. It’s still
likely to be wet at times, however.

Weather Cropredy will be fine or not..

seeing the weather forcast for the rest of the week last night rather put
a dampener on expectations for the Cropredy music festival this year.

things go, Thursday doesn’t seem too bad with some showers, similarly, Friday.
However, Saturday is supposed to be the day a big low pressure system sweeps
in from the atlantic depositing copious amounts of rain over southern Britain
and blowing a gale. Oh, and the temperatures are going to plummet to autumnal
levels too.

Now, I can see that this may generate a few problems for
a festival held in fields with people camping in tents. I can see that tents
will be becoming kites, and the fields becoming mud baths due to people not
knowing how to drive properly on soft ground and churning the whole thing

It was bad enough last year and then the ground was only soft and it only rained on the last day, really.

as I live only half an hour’s drive away, I may not bother with the camping
experience and drive home at night and arrive back again early the next morning,
at least for Friday night/ Saturday morning. It all depends upon the weather.

Aftrenoon dullness

my first afternoon back at work and I’m sitting around waiting for the alarm
installers to finish enough that I can be taught how to use the windows control
software for it.

Why is it that my holiday seems like a rapidly fading dream already?


lunch one of the slices of tomato made an escape bid from my baguette and
rolled down the front of my white t-shirt. I guess that’s a ruined t-shirt
now, unless tomato stains are fashionable currently.


Right, I’m back.

Well, that was a nice fortnight.

I did various things including walking and visiting places. I took 71 photos with my camera and generally had a relaxing time. Howerver, where DID all that time go? It doesn’t seem like 2 weeks. Oh well. It’s back to work again in the morning.

I’ve 3 days at work this week until it’s time for the annual Cropredy visit.

I wasn’t going to go along this year, originally. However, Lindsey persuaded me that I should as they needed an extra car space for their tent that they’re bringing. I hope the weather’s better than forcast otherwise it’ll be even more of a mud bath than last year.

It’s now coming up to a month since the BBQ at which Sam hugged and kissed me after asking if I’d like to join herself and her house mates for dinner one evening if she could get them to arrange it. Now, nothing has happened since then, which isn’t surprising seeing as (a) I’ve been away for a fortnight and (b) the house mates through whom I have any contact with Sam haven’t been around. I’m typing this because I’m curious as to how this whole thing will play out.. if she even remembered anything the day after.

Another coming event will be having lunch with a friend who’s left her second husband recently. I was basically her emotional crutch during her first marriage break up. Indeed, I was the first person to find out about it as I was due to go around to her family house to fix their computer the night she decided to tell her husband about leaving him.. As it happened I knew before he did as i turned up to fix a computer and was asked to stay as a sort of emotional dampener and a friendly face to keep the kids occupied. Further interesting times… Maybe.