Right, I’m back.

Well, that was a nice fortnight.

I did various things including walking and visiting places. I took 71 photos with my camera and generally had a relaxing time. Howerver, where DID all that time go? It doesn’t seem like 2 weeks. Oh well. It’s back to work again in the morning.

I’ve 3 days at work this week until it’s time for the annual Cropredy visit.

I wasn’t going to go along this year, originally. However, Lindsey persuaded me that I should as they needed an extra car space for their tent that they’re bringing. I hope the weather’s better than forcast otherwise it’ll be even more of a mud bath than last year.

It’s now coming up to a month since the BBQ at which Sam hugged and kissed me after asking if I’d like to join herself and her house mates for dinner one evening if she could get them to arrange it. Now, nothing has happened since then, which isn’t surprising seeing as (a) I’ve been away for a fortnight and (b) the house mates through whom I have any contact with Sam haven’t been around. I’m typing this because I’m curious as to how this whole thing will play out.. if she even remembered anything the day after.

Another coming event will be having lunch with a friend who’s left her second husband recently. I was basically her emotional crutch during her first marriage break up. Indeed, I was the first person to find out about it as I was due to go around to her family house to fix their computer the night she decided to tell her husband about leaving him.. As it happened I knew before he did as i turned up to fix a computer and was asked to stay as a sort of emotional dampener and a friendly face to keep the kids occupied. Further interesting times… Maybe.