Seeing as everyone else is at it!

Well, so far I’ve seen about four of these types of entries, so I might as well tag along…

  1. I was born on 6th February, 1965.
  2. My birthplace was Luton & Dunstable General Hospital
  3. I live on my own in a house I bought nearly 6 years ago.
  4. My favourite puddings are Rhubarb Crumble & custard, proper rice pudding and spotted disk and custard.
  5. I enjoy reading humourous fantasy and SciFi books.
  6. I prefer comedies to serious films, but it depends upon my mood.
  7. My preferences in the SciFi field is for “hard SciFi” and get annoyed when the “universe” the characters inhabit in not self-consistant.
  8. I can’t spell.
  9. I generally find it easier to speak to women than men.
  10. I hardly ever fall in love but when I do it’s always a complete disaster.
  11. I enjoy the company of friends but seem not to have as much contact with them as I would like.
  12. I’m good at spacial imagination and visualisation but poor at abstract thinking.
  13. I’m a tinkerer. I often start projects I never complete.
  14. I enjoy driving.
  15. I’m always thinking of consiquences and formulating reactions to possible future senarios.
  16. I have a knack for saying the right thing at the wrong time or the wrong thing at the right time so have learnt that not saying anything is the best thing to do. (ie. I have a knack of putting my foot in my mouth.)
  17. I’m generally very quiet in company.
  18. I have a very catholic taste in music, though I don’t like rap and hip-hop.
  19. I try to see the merit in all sides of a point of view, even if the opinions are totally opposite to my own.
  20. I enjoy reading most types of book, as long as I push myself to start to read them.
  21. I often feel isolated.
  22. I need more round tuits as I’m far too lazy for my own good.
  23. I enjoy flirting as long as both myself and the person I’m flirting with know it’s a game and I feel comfortable with them.
  24. I grew up in a small village In Bedfordshire.
  25. I spent most of my childhood alone.
  26. My first school was Houghton Conquest Primary School.
  27. From the age of 8 I went to private schools as my parents felt that the local council schools were just awful.
  28. I owe a great debt to my parents as they scrimped and saved to pay for my education.
  29. I’m still close to my parents.
  30. At the age of 11 I attained grade 1 classical guitar.
  31. I can’t stand living in a town/city without going into the country for more than about a fortnight.
  32. Living in London is ok, but is not something I’d want to do for any length of time.
  33. For most of my life I’ve been lonely and down.
  34. I am flexible and clomplient to other people’s wishes up to a point, at which I will stick my heels in and budge no further. Some people mistake this for weakness or lack of spine.. but they’re the ones who have never pushed the envelope.
  35. I have learnt how to survive and to resist if pushed too far.
  36. I am not malicious in any way.
  37. If I am wrong and I am shown to be wrong, I will put up my hand and admit it.
  38. I am a humanist.
  39. I am an agnostic.
  40. I am a pragmatist.
  41. Although I try my best not to be, I get very annoyed at people who think in wishy-washy-unstractured ways.
  42. I believe that the universe is ambivolent and hence life is neither fair nor unfair, it just is.
  43. I believe that if everyone tried to help at least one other person per day, the world would be far nicer.
  44. I beleive that every freedom has a responsibility and that those who do not live up to the responsibility should that that specific freedom curtailed until they can prove that they can be responsible.
  45. I believe that everyone should respect everyone else’s views, life and possessions.
  46. I love quiet evenings talking with friends until the early hours
  47. I can’t stand the taste of alchoholic drinks even though I’ve been encouraged to try a great many over the years.
  48. I don’t feel the need for chemical stimulants to have fun.
  49. I have no problem with other people using chemical stimulants for recreation as long as it doesn’t effect those who choose otherwise.
  50. I hate going to new and exciting places without a companion to talk to and discuss the things with.
  51. I am not malicious in any way.
  52. I don’t have a favourite book.
  53. I don’t have a favourite film.
  54. I don’t have a favourite musical artist.
  55. I don’t have a favourite song.
  56. If I manage to leave the world a slightly better and happier place when I die relative to if I had never existed, then my life will have been worth while.
  57. I enjoy making other people happy and I strive to do this for the whole world, as much as I can.
  58. I live by the motto, “do unto others as you would have done unto you.”
  59. I don’t believe in God, but I do aspire to abide by the New Testiment teachings.
  60. I don’t take the words of the Bible as being literal as they’ve been translated so often that their original meaning has probably been lost in the chinese whispers of history.
  61. I believe that humans are an insignificant blip in space and time, but this doesn’t mean that we should not be responsible.
  62. I have brown eyes.
  63. I have brown hair, though it’s almost disappeared on top.
  64. I wish I didn’t have so little hair on top.
  65. I don’t think I’m hansom.
  66. I”m quite short. (5’5.5″)
  67. Garlic makes my insides complain a little.
  68. I don’t like hot food much.
  69. Gooseberries are horrid and should be banned.
  70. I hate Marmite! 😉
  71. I generally have a sweet tooth.
  72. Coffee or tea drunk after about 7pm will keep me awake all night but not necessarily alert.
  73. Friendship and companionship are more important to me than love and sex.
  74. Trust, truthfullness and honour are thinks I hold as being very important.
  75. I dislike getting wet.
  76. I studied Geology at University College London from 1984 to 1987.
  77. I did an MSc in Computer Science from 1988 to 1989 at UCL.
  78. All my current friends I met after October 1986.
  79. I miss living in the village I grew up in.
  80. When I finished my BSc in Geology I swore that I’d never look down a petrological microscope again. In fact it was only 10 years before I did so, but not in anger, as it were.
  81. I got my first computer officially Christmas 1981, but got to “make sure it worked” in early November. It was a Sinclair ZX81 bought from WH.Smiths in Bedford.
  82. I’m not an anti-Microsoft zealot.
  83. I’m not a Microsoft zealot either.
  84. When I was 12 I didn’t want to be 13 because I didn’t want to be a “teenager.” I rebelled against rebelling.
  85. One of my first memories are of opening the draws of a desk to make stairs so i could climb up and get at some apples in a bowl on the top of the desk. I was about 18 months old, if that.
  86. When I was an early teenager I liked trainspotting. I was interested in the train operations rather than the number collection.
  87. When I was a wee nipper, I liked to wander the countryside near my house and go up into the woods.
  88. Dispite all the loneliness and the pain that’s caused, I’m thankful for all the good things that have happened in my life.
  89. For several years I turned off my emotions entirely after being hurt by an unrequited love.
  90. Every painful episode I pass through makes me a little stronger.
  91. I used to protect myself by disconnecting myself from humanity and looking down on it and thinking how silly the human world was.

I think that will have to do for the time being. I’ll add more as I think of them.

14 thoughts on “Seeing as everyone else is at it!

  1. Fascinating, thank you.

    Couple of idle questions,
    What is the difference that makes a difference between flirting as-a-game and flirting-serious?
    What do you generally need to see in order to be shown that you are wrong? What do you need to be shown to know you are right?
    At what point do you know its right to stick your heels in, as opposed to complying? What behaviour exists between those two?
    What does being malicious mean in terms of what you see, hear, and feel?

    Once again, thank you. I got an awful lot from that, more than I expected to.

    • Re: Fascinating, thank you.

      Well, as a game you can flirt with anyone. if it’s serious you have to be sure it’s someone you want to be with for a long time and make a committment to.

      To be shown that I’m wrong I need a good, meaningful reasoned argument, no more. As for being right.. No-one’s completely right about anything.

      I stop being accomodating when I feel that things are becoming morally wrong or are likely to put someone in physical or mental danger. It’s an arbitary limit, but all limits are. As for the behavoural change.. I start disagreeing strongly, I refuse to go beyond the limit and compromise further on whatever the thing I’m resisting is.

      Malicious means:

      1. Indulging or exercising malice; harboring ill will or
      2. Proceeding from hatred or ill will; dictated by malice;
        as, a malicious report; malicious mischief.
      3. (Law)With wicked or mischievous intentions or motives;
        wrongful and done intentionally without just cause or
        excuse; as, a malicious act.

      And I mean all of those definitions.

      I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you seem to be taking this councelling thing to a large extreme. Why do you feel you need to do this? Does it give you pleasure to ask people these questions?

      • Re: Fascinating, thank you.

        Thats a shame, I asked you what it meant to you, and you gave me someone else’s answer from a dictionary.

        And this is not counsElling. I do it because I find people interesting, so I ask them what they get out of doing what they do, rather than guessing.

        That ok? Understanding other people is lots of fun, to answer your other question.

        • Re: Fascinating, thank you.

          Well, Malicious to me means just what it says in the dictionary otherwise I would have used a different word.

          Don’t worry, kensei, I was merely teasing you a little, using some of the type of questions you were asking back at you. 🙂

          • Re: Fascinating, thank you.

            So, if I describe your behaviour as malicious, what would that mean?

            If we are teasing each other, that’s great. I’ve got some good ones I’ll bring out.

            • Re: Fascinating, thank you.

              Basically, I try never to do anything which may harm other people mentally or physically. Of course, I don’t always succeed and may cause someone hurt, but it isn’t with any intension of doing so.

              In other words, my intent is always benevolent.

  2. that has to be one of the more interesting posts I have come across in quite awhile. Especially since it was one of those survey-type formats. You managed to convey quite a bit of information, and insight. Genuinely interesting.

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