I meant to talk about the latest Pratchett novel I’ve been reading in my previous posting but didn’t get around to it.

I’m half way through “The Thief of Time” and so far it seems pretty decent. At least he’s not made the mistake of using numeric dates so far, unlike in “The Truth.”

I can see he’s been influenced by “The Matrix” quite a bit, and all the silliness historians churn out using the little facts they have or the absence of facts to generate an elaborate model of history.

On the whole, so far it’s quite fun.. how it ends, we’ll have to see. At least Pratchett doesn’t go for the quick round up of the story at the end like Neil Stephenson seems to, which is a good thing.

What fun!

This morning’s been “interesting” at work with lots of stupid people breaking various computer systems, most of the mice in the undergrad lab committing suicide (they’re all the same age, so it looks like the beggers have a timebomb in their hardware somewhere) and various other things.

Still, having fixed those things I can and put the others on hold until I can actually fix them, I’ve got through the morning. If there are thigns which I can’t change, I don’t worry about them.

Anyway, the weekend was nice and restful. Saturday afternoon was spent (mostly) window shopping. I picked up Terry Pratchett’s “Thief of Time” for £4.99 at WH.Smith’s along with DVD’s of “The Dish” and “Highlander” under their “2 for £20” deal. £10 per DVD is about the right sort of pricing level in my opinion, as I’ve said many times before.

(Coo.. as I type, the heavens have opened outside and it’s torrential rain.. I do like to be able to see outside from my office, unlike my previous office where I could only see a corridor.)

Sunday was spent a lot of the time reading (funnily enough) with time off for watching the Grand Prix (Ferrari need a good kicking for what they did at the end) and getting some food. I also caught “Titan AE” on Sky Premier. Some of the graphics were nice, though they reminded me a lot of “Freespace,” the PC game. The story would have been better without the cutesy characters which just got in the way. Either make a good SciFi film or a cutesy kiddie pic, the combination doesn’t work!

Hmm.. should I go outside and buy my baguette for lunch or do I merely raid the snack machine and stay dry? Tough question.. I think the snack machine and the prospect of staying dry is getting more and more appealing. 😉