Subject? What subject?

It seems quite a while since my last entry. I think it’s a little under a week, however.

What has happened to me in that time?

Let’s see, Jerry suggested that the weekend just gone would be a good time for them to visit me, so they turned up Saturday lunchtime, we had a fun day and they left Sunday just after lunch. It was a pitty that Jerry had a bad stomach on Saturday though.

That and the night out to celebrate Arwen’s passing her DPhil (PhD for anyone outside Oxford) viva on Friday evening and having to pay 17 quid for a meal which I would have concidered a mere snack are the only two anchors on the week.

The visit of Jerry, Em and little Laura had other effects, such as lots of cleaning on Friday night and a bit on Saturday morning in preparation for their visit. A mad rush on Saturday morning trying to do things I had to do before they arrived etc.

At least yesterday I managed to have what seemed the first relaxing day in ages. I even managed to wash the car and wax it!

2 thoughts on “Subject? What subject?

    • Funnily enough, I was thinking just that when I started putting the wax on the roof, but refrained from circling anticlockwise with my left hand and clockwise with my right, 🙂

      I’ll never be a karate kid, I’m afraid.

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