Addendum to manual:

Ever since I wrote a comment in Smiddly’s journal last week about detaching and looking at life from a totally disjoint perspective, and having done so to write the comment, I’ve had problems re-attaching. Indeed, I’ve felt choked, as if wanting to cry for most of this time with no need to actually cry or knowing why I’d want to.


Addendum to user manual:

Do not use detached mode as this may cause system instability.

Other news:

Other than this it’s not been a bad week. Unexpectedly busy at the weekend though. Sometimes I would have liked a busy weekend, but this weekend I wanted to sleep. Oh well 🙂

Thank goodness, it’s Thursday!

It’s Thursday evening already!

The week’s flown by, well other than then continuing hassle of trying to build KDE 3.0. I got the Linux build mostly done, the only problem being that the helpfiles didn’t work. The Solaris build got stuck in kdelibs with some very terminal errors. I’ll start from scratch on both of these and document the failures so I can pass them on as bug reports.

I see On/ITV Digital have finally died. I’m not that surprised, really. They rushed to market about 6 months to a year before the technology was ready because otherwise they would have been left in the dust of SkyDigital. Unfortunately, because the technology wasn’t fully ready they weren’t really up to compete anyway. Well, that and Sky had the resources behind it to kill the competition using marketting and loss-leading which On Digital just couldn’t do.

Still, it is quite sad. The technology had potential and the user front-end, IMHO, was far better than the one on Sky set-top boxes.

Nice sunny day.. KDE-3.0 grumble, grumble.

First the good thing.. it’s nice, warm and sunny! This means I’ll have to mow the meadow in the back garden tonight.

Secondly, I’m annoyed at the KDE maintainers who profess that the KDE-3.0 release was fit for compilation on Linux and Solaris out of the box.. they lied.. It compiles on neither without a good hacking of header files and config scripts. It is obvious that no-one has taken the whole release tree, put it on a clean machine and tried to run the complete compile process from scratch. This is the sort of thing which gives Open Source software a bad name.

Some would say “why not use one of the binary distributions?” To that I’d reply that most of these distributions are built with an isolated, single machine in mind. We need here to have the distribution to sit under a directory structure on a networked, shared disk and we need it to co-exist with previous versions. The binary distributions for linux are almost always packaged as non-relocatable RPMs which throw everything into /usr (<RANT>where only the base OS should ever go, not optional or local software </RANT>). The solaris packages usually muck up the /etc/dt dtlogin stuff. Grrrrrr!

And then..

Hmm.. shall I do one of those “…and then…” lists of events type entries or something different?

Maybe I should try something different.. a scrambled, random temporal line of events and just leave the order of events as a puzzle.

I visited a nice Indian restaurant and had a fun time.

I slept most of the morning and then pootled around the garden attacking defenseless and not so defenceless plants with saw and secateurs.

I had a fun time in London at the By The Gods thingy. Lumch was going to be Moroccan but due to the chef of the restaurant not being ready we had to eat in Pizza Express instead where I cheesed off the waiter by politely asking for a clean glass when he brought a dirty one.. he was surly from then on. Despite that Maureen thought we should tip anyway.

I was invited out for the evening unexpectedly by a couple of friends who couldn’t make it to my celebration of 10 years here in Oxford. The evening turned out to be “interesting” as after we’d finished eating the two of them started getting into an argument over their current living situation which ended in tears. Myself and the other two guests tried not to listen and have our own conversation and keep out of the war.

I’ve decided that after reviewing my feelings that recently I’ve not had any strong ones at all. Never mind.. they just get in the way anyway. I guess that means I’m comfortably numb or something.

What brought this on was the realisation that I didn’t actually fancy anyone at the moment.. sort of zero libido effect. Maybe it’s just that there’s no-one fanciable at the moment or maybe I’m just going through an a-sexual phase. Dunno. It’s not really a problem, I guess.

Fire alarm.

We’ve just had a fire alarm go off in the dept.. which meant I had to stand outside for 20 minutes wearing just as t-shirt ‘cos I was out of the office at the time.. now I’m chilly.

Still, it made the day more interesting.

Mid-week blues.

It’s a dull and boring day today, I’m just waiting for a number of things to come back from vendors (information) and rebooting our main server when it decides to go catatonic, which it’s done twice this morning. The weather’s on the decline a bit too.

Still, I’ve got tomorrow evening’s 10th anniversary at Oxford dinner to look forward to. I’ve just got one reply outstanding before I can book the table with the correct number of people.

I totally failed to get the car washed last night as by the time I got home I was feeling so knackered that I just flopped on the sofa and dozed in front of the telly all evening. It’ll have to wait ’til Saturday morning at least now as tonight will be taken up with talking to parents on the phone and doing video recording for a friend who hasn’t got Sky. Tomorrow evening I’m out having dinner and Friday is the normal happy hour stuff so God knows when I’ll get home after that.

Time for a knapp?

On Bullet this morning a discussion insued starting with why marketting people are using the term “Blade” for computers which are not at all extremely thin with a sharp, cutting edge.

Anyway, during this kensei said that the use of the term “blade” mean the use of componets attached to a board via some sort of card bus instead of having discrete components on the board.

To me, this doesn’t really give the idea of blades.. it’s more like thin bits of silicon, chips off the block, or flakes. Thinking this further, the term “flake” for a silicon device is very apt and has symetry.

In pre-history and in the “stone age” flint (a form of quartz, silicon oxide) was knapped producing flint flakes which were then processed further to produce cutting blades, arrow heads etc. The cores were also used to make axes etc. Today, we use silicon in our technologies.. the silicon rather than the silicate age.

With this thought, maybe it would be better to name chips, flakes and the process of making them knapping instead of fabrication. Then you’d have flake manufacturing knapping plants! 🙂

Just idle thoughts..