Another weekend.

T’was a nice weekend visiting Rachel, Graham and little Christopher.

I travelled up to Yateley on Friday evening, basically cycling home and dumping stuff, picking up my bags and throwing them in the boot of my car. 1.25 hours later (7pm) I arrived just in time to wish Christopher a good night.

Having been plied with tea, Alec turned up, we had a nice dinner, talked and generally chilled out. Ths included watching Christopher’s school’s nativity play graham had videoed on Alec’s DVCam.

Saturday started quite late and involved lots of construction of Lego and Lego technic and the watching of “The Princess Bride” before Fiona and Alec turned up (not together). We all had a thoughly nice lunch of very thick soup and some strange bread. Afterwards we toddled off to the local park where us blokes played “football” whilst Rachel and Fiona talked and acted as goalposts. Once Christopher had got fed up with football it was onto the swings etc. Alec enjoyed the swings too and the wooden beam didn’t bend too much under his weight to everyone’s surprise. The women wandered home early so that they could privately talk out of the way of the men. We followed later.

We watched the school play again which Alec had transferred onto VHS, mostly so that Fiona could go ah at all the kiddies. After which first Fiona left and then Alec, who had to go of to Ian’s party in Hemel Hempstead.

Rachel rustled up a dinner, we ate, we lounged, we went to bed.

Sunday started with Rachel, Graham and Christopher running around getting ready for church whilst I lay warm in bed. I finally got up at 9am and listened to “Breakfast with Frost” whilst improving the half-track dumper truck I’d constructed the day before. Had breakfast and then dozed dreaming of what I could do with my house if someone gave me £50000. The family arrived back at about 11am. The rest of the day was idled away.

After a lovely roast chicken lunch, cheese on toast tea and a number of mince pies it was time to go home.

I finally got home, feeling very tired, at about 9:10pm, put the rubbish out and flopped into bed.

It’s a good thing it’s my last week at work, I need the rest.

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