I woke up this morning at 03:03am this morning feeling thirsty, hot, slightly shivery and with a churning stomach.

Seeing as I couldn’t get get back to sleep, I continued to read “Snowcrash” which Alec nicely lent to me the weekend before last as I hadn’t read it yet.

Well, I got back to sleep at about half 5.

I got up at my normal time of 7:30am and got ready. I didn’t really feel up to much.. my brain was stuffed with cotton wool and my stomach still felt churny. Anyway, as planned, I took my bike to the bike shop for the replacement brake levers/gear lever system. As I had expected, the parts hadn’t arrived, so I’ve got to take it back tomorrow.

Anyway, I cycled home, put the bike away and went back to bed. I woke up again at 11am.

I’ve spent the day not feeling up to much with my stomach still churning. At least I’m not feeling nauseous.

I’ll see how I feel tomorrow before deciding if I go to work.

2 thoughts on “Blurgh!

    • neal stephenson

      “the diamond age” is a bit slow and gibsonlike; i found it interesting but not fun.

      “cryptonomicon” it loooong, but good, especially if you’re into crypto and get some of the injokes or know some of the people.

      i can highly recommend “zodiac” and “interface” (latter is coauthored with someone else, under the name stephen bury) as good rollicking reads; with zodiac, it helps if you can remember the 1980s.

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